Endodiab Clinic

       Endodiab Clinic is the brainchild of a team of five young endocrinologists who intended to take the highest level of endocrine care to the suburbs of India. As we pursued to be an endocrinologist at various institutions around the world, we recognized that this field needs a different approach to patient care. As we set forth on our career in endocrinology, our belief was reinforced that the special care required for persons with issues in diabetes and endocrinology would be better dealt with in specialized clinics rather than a multi-specialty hospital. Years of practice gave us the necessary confidence and capital to put our dream into thought and thoughts into practice.


We officially started our journey on 14 th November 2016 with our clinic at Kozhikode. It was well received and accepted. This gave us the confidence to expand further at Mangalore, Kannur, and Perinthalmanna. Each center is the dream child of one of our team members. We are happy to see each of them well received and accepted by people, elevating Endodiab to the premier institution in endocrine and diabetic care in all the above districts. Being a closely-knit group has its benefits, we routinely discuss difficult scenarios and problem situations faced by our patients and build up a consensus among ourselves. This has helped us time and again as five experienced brains often come up with solutions and treatment decisions much better than a single brain.

 We try to provide the best hormonal care to our patients, in the same way, we would have given our near and dear ones, care that is scientifically appropriate and emotionally acceptable. We strive to maintain the standard of care and practice based on the latest international guidelines and consensus thus extending world-class health care in Endocrinology to persons visiting our clinic. We work together in unison to make Endodiab Clinic the best center in all places where we have started.


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  • Kozhikode:
          3rd Floor Sheikh Square,
          Kottooli PO, Kozhikode
          Mobile : 7025 54 71 71, 9744 00 34 56
  • Mangalore:
          G5,Classique Gateway,
          Near Omega Hospital,
          Mobile: 09449470478
  • Kannur:
           Leo Clinical Diagnostic Centre,
           LLP Complex,
           Opposite G mall South Bazar,
           Kannur -670002
           Mobile: 9745030305, 9446027468
  • Perinthalmanna:
          Thanneer Pandal Bus Stop,
          Pathaikkara Perintalmanna
          Phone:  9745030305