Message from Chairman & Medical Director

Welcome to Endodiab.

We had a dream, a dream of practicing endocrinology in its elegance and entirety. Endodiab clinic is different from usual hospitals and multi-specialty polyclinics. Most of the clinical work in Endocrinology & Diabetes is outpatient-based and rarely requires inpatient admission related to our domain of patient care. It is conceptualized differently in that we cater to a population who are unwell but still not “diseased” in the common sense of the word. Most patients suffering from hormonal issues are distressed and desperate but not always seriously ill. These patients can’t be categorized as severely symptomatic patients, but having serious health problems and deceptively looking normal. Often they feel that their body is not keeping pace with their mind. They need an altogether distinct approach and unique environment of care.

Our specialty deals with diseases that require continued care with regular monitoring and follow up unlike most other hospitals and clinics dealing with one-time conditions. So, most of the time we do an initial screening to see the current status of the disease and also look at the ailment from a long-term perspective. Our initial evaluation is targeted towards knowing 1) exact diagnosis (if not already done) which helps us in seeing the long-term perspective and planning of long-term care 2) current status of the disease 3) what the disease has already done to your body (organ affections), which help us in instituting preventive care and care to arrest the progression of complications already present. We concentrate on the long-term outcome of our patients and believe in preventive care rather than acting on complications as they express themselves. We advocate an attacking policy against the disease which would include necessary modifications in one’s lifestyle, rather than just prescribing a list of medications.

Most endocrine illnesses require continuous personalized care. Unlike an infection that gets cured in few days to weeks, a person with diabetes, thyroid, or most other endocrine diseases gets “controlled” only with continuous lifestyle modifications and medications. Endocrine treatment is something that has to be instilled into one’s lifestyle. Unlike other specialties, endocrine patients return to us for follow-up not because they are ill, but to continue to be well. They do check not to discover something sinister that is happening to their biological system but rather to reconfirm that their hormonal clock is still working in harmony.


We always expect them to come to us smiling and to leave still smiling and more confident. As endocrinologists, we need to reset their hormonal clock in tune with their biological clock as we make medication adjustments to fit their changing physiology as in situations of stress (both physical and mental), growth, puberty, pregnancy, menopause, aging, etc. Sometimes these changes are predicted and made even before the actual events as dosage adjustments and treatment changes that happen before surgery or planned pregnancy.

Our journey has just started. We offer comprehensive, scientific, affordable care at Kozhikode, Mangalore, Kannur, and Perinthalmanna and expecting to extend our care to people around Vadakara in the next few months. The encouragement we received from our target population has boosted our confidence to pursue our dream in the coming years to various other parts of the country. Though we realize the long and difficult road we’ve embarked upon, as chairman and medical director I am also excited about the way we have progressed so far and the heartening welcome and support we have received from everywhere. We are thankful to everyone who has helped us through each of our steps and hope your wishes and suggestions will continue to light our way forwards in this pursuit for excellence in diabetes and endocrine care for the people of India. I am grateful to God almighty that our sincere efforts to make Endodiab Clinic the preferred destination for advanced endocrine and diabetes care are being fulfilled.

Our mission is to provide the standard of care and practice in endocrinology based on the latest international guidelines and consensus and our vision is to extend world-class care in Endocrinology to every Indian. Our motto is “Care Beyond Cure” and our expertise is to keep your “Hormones in Harmony”.
Best regards,

Dr. Joe George
Chairman & Medical Director
Endodiab Group of Institutions
Endodiab Associates Pvt Limited



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