1. Will Alcohol Intake change my blood sugars?


Taking a moderate amount of alcohol (ie to one serving per day for women or two servings per day for men) with food does not affect blood
glucose levels significantly.
It may cause minimal increase blood sugars and may cause low sugars, later in course of time So you may have to monitor blood glucose response to alcohol to determine if any changes in insulin doses are needed.
Extra foods items (other than usual food) taking along with alcohol also have to limited, or else will lead to excessive caloric intake.

Also juices or cola/ soft drinks also can increase blood glucose levels. No need to change diabetic medications as long as you drink moderately

Similarly avoiding food after alcohol intake can cause hypoglycaemia,
and you need to monitor blood sugars frequently.

With hormone replacement therapy, most people with Addison’s disease are able to lead normal lives.

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