Why Endocrine Clinic ?


    The endocrine system is a complex group of glands which are interconnected through a network of proteins, hormones and nerve signals. The primary duty of these glands is to make hormones that regulate a lot of our biologic functions and activities. These are substances that help to control our bodily functions.
We at Endodiab understand this biologic rhythm and can help you attain our motto “hormones in harmony”. Our centers are well equipped with facilities and best qualified workforce to manage all your hormonal issues; be it thyroid, diabetes of any other endocrine gland.

Let’s answer a few basics of endocrinology and diabetes

Frequently asked questions

Who is an Endocrinologist ?

An endocrinologist is a specially trained doctor who deals with problems related to hormone secreting glands including diseases like diabetes and thyroid.

Do all patients with Diabetes and Thyroid need to meet an Endocrinologist/ go to endocrine clinic?

Endocrine clinic is a place that deals exclusively with diseases like diabetes, thyroid problems and other hormone related ailments. With their exclusive 3 year training in endocrinology and diabetes, endocrinologists are the best persons to manage these diseases. They usually have a structured management program lined towards diagnosis, management and prevention of complications that could happen in these conditions. So if you are a person who feels that your condition requires specialized and focused care, you must meet an endocrinologist.

What do you mean by special training in Endocrinology?

Basic qualification for a medical graduate is MBBS. The postgraduate training MD/MS/ DNB in the concerned specialty is a three year course done after MBBS in broad areas like general medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, gynecology etc. Further continuing 3 years studies in a specific field (often called super specialization) we are awarded DM/MCh /DNB degree in concerned super specialty. DM Endocrinology/DNB Endocrinology is the super specialization done on hormone and metabolism after MD/DNB in general Medicine or Pediatrics. This is the highest degree awarded in the field of diabetes, thyroid and other hormone related ailments.


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